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HE Marking Gauge

HE Marking Gauge
Brand: HE
Product Code: HE-MG
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 159.00
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The HE Marking Gauge is manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia. The body components are milled from billet brass on CNC 5 axis machinery. The shaft is in stainless steel as are the thumbscrews.

They say the wheel type marking gauge first made its appearance in the 1850s. Over the years we have used and enjoyed using wheel type marking gauges from Glen Drake and Veritas. Our tool is similar but has enhanced heft to assist with maintaining the cutting blade in an unwavering straight line. Sometimes the grain direction and the drift it causes can influence the cutting tool performance. The fence is 44mm in diameter. It has a small bevel on the face side to avoid dings affecting the flatness of the fence (this tool spends its life resting on its fence edge (now a safer flat section) which can be prone to disforming if not handled well.

The micro adjuster barrel is raised in diameter to increase heft and also make finger grip more tenable when pulling gauge allong the workpiece edge.

The 230mm stainless steel shaft has been polished to give very smooth operation. There is a slotted head nylon grub screw is used to adjust the 'drag' of the fence along the shaft.

Our new revised model now features a small flat on the brass fence to avoid the tool rolling off your bench. Our research has revealed that nearly all requests for replacement blades is due to this type of tool rolling off the bench.

The tool comes in a nice Australian made leather pouch to keep it safe.

The tool weighs a hefty 220 grams.


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