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Chisel / Flush Plane with PMA11V blades

The Henry Eckert Chisel / Flush Plane is a great tool to have in your workshop. It is cast in solid white bronze to give a tool with the heft to complete its tasks. You can fit it with a Lie-Nielsen low angle jack plane blade, a LN adjustable mouth block plane blade or Henry…

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Tool Care, Tool Leather & Tool Chest

We’ve all had or seen tools that have deteriorated due to exposure to the elements, mainly moisture. Our Tool Care range gets tools back into top condition and keeps them there. Sandflex Handblocks remove tarnish, rust and oxidation without marking the tools, extremely effective. We use Camellia Oil to keep tools and blades protected against…

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Triple Holdfasts, Drawknives & Glass Stones

They say things often come in threes. Some woodworkers have requested our holdfasts in a set of three for holding long or large workpieces. We now offer a set of three holdfasts. Also new, are three sets of three Shapton glass stones bundles with some savings. We have put together (GS220, GS500 & GS2000) and…

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