White Bronze Information Page

White Bronze is a bronze alloy that has high strength physical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Sometimes called silver bronze or nickel bronze, it is used for all sorts of high stress applications as well as finer artefacts & jewellery.

We believe it is a wonderful bronze for tool making. It is strong, will not break or shatter. It machines beautifully and polishes to a deep silver gloss. Unpolished, the castings appear silver but they have an underlying bronze or gold tinge, quite unique.

It warms in your hand quickly and feels simply nice to use.

It has a similar performance to manganese bronze. The metal analysis of both alloys indicate both are based on copper with White Bronze having more manganese, nickel, less aluminium and remnant zinc when compared with manganese bronze.

Hard to come by, we had to convince (plead with) our supplier to refine a batch of white bronze ingots just for our use.