Triple Holdfasts, Drawknives & Glass Stones


They say things often come in threes. Some woodworkers have requested our holdfasts in a set of three for holding long or large workpieces. We now offer a set of three holdfasts.

Also new, are three sets of three Shapton glass stones bundles with some savings. We have put together (GS220, GS500 & GS2000) and (GS500, GS2000 & GS4000) and (GS1000, GS4000 & GS8000). Shapton, arguably the best ceramic stones around.
You can see them here.

For a while we have had a set of 3 drawknives from French maker Arno. Really good drawknives that can take a very keen edge, nice tools.

And, Joe and Peter poured some new white bronze castings this week, more later…

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Pouring Bronze, Powdered Metallurgy?? & Demo Tools…

By David Eckert | November 17, 2017

Summer is alive and well in Adelaide, earlier this week 35° Celsius, and Joe & Peter are pouring a new bronze tool in their foundry without air conditioning, a certain dedication. Beer o’clock came early that day… More on the new tool soon. These guys have been pouring sand cast bronzes for many decades, there…

Henry Eckert 7 pce Auger Gimlets

By David Eckert | December 11, 2017

These auger gimlets sets are simply amazing quality for their price, they are on their own… Ideal for starting screws, these excellent auger gimlets have a tapered screw tip and an auger body. The seven sizes in the set are  2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, which will handle the pre-drill for screw sizes…

Henry Eckert Hand Scrapers – France

By David Eckert | December 12, 2017

Henry Eckert hand scrapers are made for us in France. They come in both rectangular and curved shapes. The thicknesses are from .25mm, .40mm, .60mm & .80mm catering for any scraper requirement. Timbers that tear out are common in Australia. Occurring mainly in patches, the tear out can be removed with a sharp hand scraper.…