Tool Care, Tool Leather & Tool Chest


We’ve all had or seen tools that have deteriorated due to exposure to the elements, mainly moisture. Our Tool Care range gets tools back into top condition and keeps them there.
Sandflex Handblocks remove tarnish, rust and oxidation without marking the tools, extremely effective.
We use Camellia Oil to keep tools and blades protected against moisture. The Chinese and Japanese have protected their weapons and tools for centuries with Camellia Oil. The beauty is, the oil dries (oxidises) and seals the tool metal. When the tool is used again the oxidised oil removes without leaving anything at all on your workpiece.
Our non-toxic & biodegradable, Australian made Tool Polish brings all metals to a lustrous shine. Great for brass, bronze and steel. See our Tool Care range here.

Leather tool care products also protect tools and keep them safe. Our Australian & French made leather products include chisel rolls, hand scraper and knife pouches. See them here.

The Tool Chest is where we can offer run out products, used workshop, demo, sample and show tools & accessories at reduced prices. Currently we have some very nice Douk Douk knives, an Artifact apron and Boker razors at very special prices. See them here.


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Pouring Bronze, Powdered Metallurgy?? & Demo Tools…

By David Eckert | November 17, 2017

Summer is alive and well in Adelaide, earlier this week 35° Celsius, and Joe & Peter are pouring a new bronze tool in their foundry without air conditioning, a certain dedication. Beer o’clock came early that day… More on the new tool soon. These guys have been pouring sand cast bronzes for many decades, there…

Henry Eckert 7 pce Auger Gimlets

By David Eckert | December 11, 2017

These auger gimlets sets are simply amazing quality for their price, they are on their own… Ideal for starting screws, these excellent auger gimlets have a tapered screw tip and an auger body. The seven sizes in the set are  2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, which will handle the pre-drill for screw sizes…

Henry Eckert Hand Scrapers – France

By David Eckert | December 12, 2017

Henry Eckert hand scrapers are made for us in France. They come in both rectangular and curved shapes. The thicknesses are from .25mm, .40mm, .60mm & .80mm catering for any scraper requirement. Timbers that tear out are common in Australia. Occurring mainly in patches, the tear out can be removed with a sharp hand scraper.…