No 61 Low Angle Block Plane Shims


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The machining tolerances of the #61 block plane allow up to around a 0.25mm thick shaving. This covers the majority, and sometimes all, of use required for trimming, smoothing, planing end grain, chamfering, etc. But if sharp blades, higher cutting angles and fine shavings are not enough for avoiding your tear-out problem when it arises, how do we narrow the plane mouth.
Unlike ductile iron, bronze bodied planes do not facilitate the easy operation of an adjustable mouth.
We have a patented low angle block plane laser cut marine grade stainless steel shim that fits between the plane blade and the plane blade bed. It is 0.2mm thick which when fitted has the affect of moving the plane blade forward and closer to the front of the plane mouth. Working within our machining tolerances this achieves approximately down to a 0.025mm to 0.07mm mouth width when you are taking a shaving of similar thicknesses.

This achieves a very narrow mouth when taking a very fine shaving.

There are two shims in each packet, allowing greater flexibility and mouth widths.