Henry Eckert Honing Guide


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We are currently out of stock of Honing Guides while we develop a new look for our Honing Guide. We expect it available January 2022.

Made in Adelaide, the Henry Eckert Honing Guide is in solid cast white bronze, marine grade stainless steel & brass. It is based on the design principles of the no longer produced Eclipse guide.

The HE Honing Guide is cast in White Bronze. It has CNC machined jaws, matched in pairs. The reference points ensure the blade or chisel you are sharpening is flat on the stone and square to the rolling bearing. The bearing is kept to 12mm to allow weight shifting when honing and hence blade rounding when required.

The tool accommodates all plane blade widths and bench chisel widths.

We use only marine grade stainless steel for the threaded rods & bearing to limit the damage the water / grit environment it is exposed to can cause. A sintered bronze bush is used inside the stainless bearing to allow smooth operation and resistance to corrosion.
The upper jaws that accept plane blades are ‘dovetailed’ to ensure the blade is pushed down flat and square. Maximum blade width on the top jaws is 80mm, narrowest 35mm. The lower chisel jaws are the same in reverse, that is, on clamping, the small plane blade or chisel is pushed up flat against the jig to keep it straight and square. The lower chisel jaws have a maximum width of 55mm, narrowest 10mm. We also have a ‘middle’ clamping position to accommodate thin bench chisels 10mm (3/8″+) to 3mm (1/8″). The tool accommodates all plane blade widths and bench chisel widths. Some mortise chisels can also be held in the honing guide between the flat sections of the jaws.
The knurled brass knob is wide giving excellent finger purchase with a screwdriver slot to be used if required.
Clearances allow sharpening from 20° up to 50°.

The hand cast process does allow for some casting residual marks on occasions, it doesn’t affect the performance or life of the tool.

We have always been a great supporter of the simplicity and efficiency of the Eclipse jig, our aim is to make blade sharpening very simple and very successful for the woodworker.

Made in Adelaide.

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