Bad Axe 20″ Miter Box Saw


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While everyone loves the big miter boxes, like the Miller Falls Langdon Acme series or Stanley 358 (as does Mark Harrell), there exists a dearth of information about the utility of the mid-size Stanley No. 150, an incredibly versatile, compact, and easily portable box that maximizes more toothline per ratio than the larger boxes.


  Bad Axe designed the new Bad Axe 20″ miter saw to work hand in sleeve   with this great old tool, though it’s not limited to the Stanley No. 150–it will also work with the Millers Falls series and other Stanley boxes. But Mark Harrell likes the No. 150. Its compact design optimizes the utility of any saw’s toothline, to include panel saws, and offers a precision method with which to make furniture-grade cuts that are spot-on every time.

They file their miter saw’s toothline at 12 ppi x-cut on a .025 plate, which, when combined with their method of hammer-setting and gently dressing the teeth, gives you a superbly finished cut. With up to 4.5″ under the back and 20″ in length, the Bad Axe miter saw offers up to 17″ of cut throw, given that the Stanley No. 150 incorporates a metal sleeve to guide the cut rather than limiting the toothline to only 2/3rds of its capacity–as typicaly experienced with the elevator post guides germane to larger boxes.

To illustrate, Mark Harrell owns the Millers Falls Langdon Acme Size 2 1/2 No. 75 with a 30” saw; this is the largest box from the Millers Falls Langdon Acme Series. Though the saw is over 30” long, He has maximum utility of only 20” of the toothline (67% max efficiency), because of the limitations of the elevator guide posts that bracket and carry the saw. In comparison, he’s using a Bad Axe 20” saw in the Stanley No. 150, but this configuration allows him to use 17” of the toothline, for an 85% efficiency.

Hard to believe? Wielding a lighter miter saw by hand makes for a whole new ball game, folks.

This saw is light enough compared to vintage 20″ miter saws that it doubles as a great tenon saw, particularly when filed hybrid-cut (leaving just as clean a crosscut as a toothline filed dedicated x-cut. Got a wide span to cut, like when you’re making a bedframe stretcher five inches wide? Cuting by hand actually increases your throw up to 24″, which dramatically cuts down your strokes while promoting accuracy.

We usually provide the popular saw combo of Hybrid Cut, 12 ppi, Black-Oxided Steel Sawback, All-American Hickory handle in regular hand size with Brass Slotted Nuts.

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