No 61 Block Plane

Our interpretation of the Stanley No 61, last made in 1935, comes in two bronze versions.

In Manganese Bronze or White Bronze. Our experience and tests do not show any performance differences between Manganese and White Bronzes, it is just about individual preference.

The body and cap iron are sand cast by hand in Adelaide. Heat treated to relieve metal stress, the plane is CNC machined and then precision ground flat and square. The 35mm wide blade is in PM-10V tool steel, heat treated meticulously to give the best balance between strength and high abrasive retention. So it is easy to sharpen, tough and keeps an edge longer than other tool steels. At a full 5mm thick, this blade will not chatter. The tool is 155mm long and 45mm wide. The tool comes fitted as standard with a Howard Adjuster to give backlash free, silky blade adjustment.

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