Chisel Planes

The Stanley No. 97 was the first chisel or cabinet makers edge plane used to clean up or trim inside work where space is limited. Regularly used to trim plugs or flush dowels/dovetails it is also a master at removing beads of dried glue after a panel glue up.

The Henry Eckert Chisel Plane or Flush Plane is a different designed tool that achieves all the above requirements, it is very effective.
Cast in our White Bronze it uses a plane blade to cut. It is machined to fit two plane blade sizes, the low angle adjustable mouth block plane blade or the low angle jack plane blade. The plane fits either Henry Eckert PMA11V or Lie-Nielsen plane blades. It is a solid tool, lots of heft to get the job done, with a Henry Eckert blade fitted, it weighs .85 Kg, just under 2 lbs. It is precisely machined to fit the plane blade slots snugly. To ensure the fit is reliable we have used powerful rare earth magnets, one on the small blade plane and two on the larger blade plane.

The plane can be purchased separately for you to use with your own plane blades or it can be purchased with Henry Eckert PMA11V blades fitted. Some have suggested they will buy the plane fitted with PMA11V blades to swap their Lie-Nielsen plane blades over so they can use the PMA11V blade in their low angle planes and their Lie-Nielsen blades in the HE Chisel/Flush plane. Both LN & HE blades work exceptionally well with the HE PMA11V blades staying sharp longer and also with increased toughness.

Made in Adelaide.

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