HE Holdfasts

The Henry Eckert Holdfast is cast in Ductile Iron so it is very strong and shatterproof but it still maintains some desired spring. Hand casting produces a roughish finish which helps grip.The design is traditional but with a low profile so it keeps out of the way of your work.

It is designed to fit a 19mm (3/4″) hole in your bench. To secure your workpiece simply rap the top of the holdfast with a hammer, to release, just tap the upright neck. Due to the solid holding abilities it is advisable to place a piece of scrap wood between the holdfast and your workpiece to avoid bruising. Often these tools are used in pairs.

The holdfast is 330mm tall with a 155mm reach.

Finished in Henry Eckert Metal Wax, this tool is here for the journey.

Made in Adelaide.

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