Bad Axe Saws

The Bad Axe Difference: understanding how they make the world’s finest saws.

Relying on the steely resolve of Henry Disston’ (1819-1878).

Here’s the bottom line up front:

Handles guaranteed to fit your hand.

Traditional Folded Sawbacks that prevent kinking your plate and allows you to retension your toothline at will. Static backs and friction-fit backs keep production costs down, but don’t begin to compare to the survivability of a traditional folded sawback.

Hammer-set toothline that precisely locks in a kerf width most appropriate to the plate gauge, a hugely underrated facet of a properly-tuned saw.

Legendary sharpening excellence: cut with a Bad Axe for the first time and compare it with anything else. Go ahead–they don’t mind the competition. Just make sure you cut into a section of quality hardwood, like quartersawn redgum. Anything will plow through pine.

They refuse to rest on their laurels. They consistently earn top ratings from the woodworking magazines, but their philosophy is there’re only as good as the last saw that ships through their doors.

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