Shapton Sharpening Systems

Shapton Sharpening Systems are world leaders in the manufacture of sharpening stones and sharpening accessories. They have 2 main ranges of ceramic water stones, Shapton Glass Stones and Shapton Pro Series.

Shapton Glass-Stone Series
The premium ceramic range from Japanese company Shapton is the Glass-Stone Series. The ceramic sharpening particles are highly pure and homogeneous. This is noticeable when changing to finer grits: The traces from the previous grit are quickly ground out. A special bond allows quick sharpening whilst maintaining a flat surface. The sharpening stone has a base of tempered glass and is thus 100% warp-free. Conventional sharpening stones may warp microscopically by absorbing water, but Shapton stones solve this problem with their extremely flat base of tempered glass. Another advantage of the glass base is that the grit rating on the underside is always visible even after much use. They stay flatter longer and cut quicker. Perfect for PMA11V, A2, 01 tool steels and high carbon steel blades. Before use, spray the stones with water, or dampen with a clean wet cloth. It is not recommended to soak or store them in water. They sharpen plane blades, chisels and all knives beautifully. The stone is approx 5mm thick with a 5mm bonded glass back.
Shapton Professional Series
The Japanese regard these stones as the man-made ‘natural or traditional’ stone series. Whilst natural stones are effective, their composition uniformity and reliability is sometimes in question. These stones are ceramic based composition and extremely uniform. Used in busy workshops and woodworking schools they are the answer for those who sharpen often. Treated the same way as the glass-stone, they are sprayed or wiped with water before use. Never soaked or kept in water permanently. They sharpen plane blades, chisels, scrapers and all knives exceptionally well. They are a full 15mm thick. They are housed in a very sturdy plastic drainable container which can be used as a stone holder while sharpening, it has rubber feet for a non-slip performance. Their construction and particularly their thickness will probably see them outlast the Shapton Glass Stone Series.