Our Veg Tanned Kangaroo Leather Policy

We use and promote our fully sustainably sourced kangaroo leather. There are over 78 million kangaroos in Australia. Under 5 million are harvested annually for meat, skins & leather. Kangaroo population is expected to grow well in the future given the current rainfall experienced in Australia. Kangaroos produce a high quality protein rich meat that is primarily used for food, the kangaroo leather is a by-product of the kangaroo meat industry, ensuring nothing is wasted.

All our kangaroo leather is vegetable tanned in massive jarrah timber vats right here in Adelaide.

Kangaroos move freely throughout Australia. Their lifestyle often results in their skins demonstrating marks and blemishes from bushes, trees, fences and territorial skirmishes. Each piece of leather is unique.

Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather in the world. It is some 20 times stronger than bovine leather of the same thickness. Hence, it is the go-to leather for world famous sport shoe brands due to its magnificent strength/weight ratio.

Kangaroo leather is a wonderful sustainable Australian resource.