Henry Eckert Mortise Chisels available in 6 sizes.


Our mortise chisels are now available.
Henry Eckert mortise chisels are manufactured in Australia from PMA11V tool steel.
They are socket chisels milled from solid round bar and are hence ‘ferruleless’.
The chisel sides are ground at 90° to the blade to maintain a square ‘attack’ on the mortise.
They have a primary bevel ground at 25°, and a 35° micro bevel. Backs are hand ground flat.
Diligently heat treated to finish at 60-61 Rockwell. The chisels are tough with the ability to stay sharper longer. They sharpen easily on water stones or oil stones.
Each mortise chisel has a high tensile steel rod threaded into the blade and handle to provide extra strength and to maintain the handle’s permanent attachment to the blade.
The CNC turned handles are from Spotted Gum hardwood for strength and resilience. The handle style is closest to an ‘English carver’ and will suit large and smaller hand sizes.
We have some background on the development of our mortise chisel in our news section.
They are available in six sizes – 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm & 18mm.


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