Carve a spoon this Easter, an Easter sharpening session, and an Easter gift…


Ray Iles comes from a famous edge tool making family in the U.K. Ray comes from the ‘old school’ so hence makes exceptional reliable and sharp tools. His range of carving tools are perfect for spoon carving. Blades are in O1 tool steel and handles are traditional beech.
A great Easter project. See Ray Iles’s range of carving tools here.

So the odd plane(s), chisel(s) and hand scraper are blunt and backing up. Maybe time for a sharpening session this Easter. We say, with a Henry Eckert Honing Guide & Angle Setting Jig that sharpening a plane blade or chisels’s micro or secondary bevel should take less than 8 minutes including removing and reinstalling the blade. Shapton ceramic whetstones complete the sharpening kit. We also say, sharp tools are the secret to enjoying whatever your woodwork project may be.
See our sharpening section here. You can also read and download our sharpening instructions here.

We ship overnight with Startrack Express, so there are three shipping days to make it by Easter.
Every order this week will include a complimentary Henry Eckert notebook. We think they are really nice to use, I’m on my fourth. The other three full notebooks are safely stored for reference, they seem to develop into diaries… Happy Easter.


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