Henry Eckert Toolworks Webinars



  • Sharpen a plane blade razor sharp in 3 minutes
  • Sharpen Chisels
  • Sharpen butt chisels, spokeshave blades, hand scrapers
  • Sharpen chef's knives, flatten waterstones, sharpening equipment

The Jack

  • The No 62 Low Angle Jack Story
  • Why & how we made the No 62 Low Angle Jack
  • Versatility plus... is this your desert island plane?
  • Low Angle Bench Planes v Standard Bench Planes
  • Planing tear out timber with a 62
  • Edge jointing with a curved blade
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The Curved Blade

  • How to set up your waterstones so they are flat and ready to go.
  • How to curve your plane blade with a honing guide.
  • How to keep your new curved blade in top condition.

The Bad Axe Boys

  • The Bad Axe range of saws
  • Why so good. Saw back, jointing, filing, teeth set, stoning, testing
  • Rip, Crosscut, Hybrid.. what is hybrid?
  • Fleam angle, rake angle, set. Which saw for me. Sharpening.
  • Arno Drawknives - Flat, convex, concave. Bevel up, bevel down?